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Briefcam adds expanded COVID-19 protection

by Benchmark

BriefCam has announced significant new capabilities to its product portfolio with v5.6.1 of its innovative video content analytics platform. The new capabilities will help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and support the safe and responsible re-opening for businesses and organisations.

New features include proximity iIdentification, which can assist with effective contact tracing and enforcing social distancing. It offers the ability to forensically review video to identify individuals who were in proximity to other individuals for a determined duration of time. When combined with face recognition and appearance similarity capabilities, it can determine if a person has been in contact with COVID-19 infected individuals. This enables users to quantify the proximity of people across time and location, and correlate with external data sources to ensure compliance with social distancing mandates.

Another new feature is face mask detection. This provides the ability to search for people with or without a face mask, as well as to detect and alert on face mask violations in real-time.

An occupancy controller feature enables users to maintain building occupancy requirements by setting rules to count people as they enter and exit a premises across multiple cameras and entry and exit points. When the threshold is met, an alert can be sent to access control solutions, security staff, VMS or any other destination. Users can understand occupancy details over time and location through business intelligence dashboards to prove compliance.

‘Our video analytics platform has greatly expanded in its ability to offer new use cases for accelerating video investigations over the last year,’ stated Tomer Saar, BriefCam VP, Product. ‘During this pandemic we are proud to be able to offer organisations and businesses the critical tools through our proximity identification, face mask detection and occupancy controller capabilities to help them reopen their businesses while protecting their employees and customers.’

The new innovations available in BriefCam v5.6.1 complement the already powerful and robust analytic capabilities that support additional public health use cases for identifying crowding hotspots and enforcing building or space sanitisation practices with a combination of people counting, heatmapping, line crossing and real-time alerting.

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