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The growth in network-based security solutions has seen an increased emphasis on the deployment of advanced and reliable communications infrastructure. These systems protect people, property and assets, and as such reliable communications is critical. Increasingly, these systems also offer operational efficiencies such as site management and business intelligence. However, in an increasingly data-driven world, the benefits may not be realised if communications are compromised.

Advances in the communications sector have offered benefits to security systems and solutions, but as with any critical system, the risks associated with lost connectivity must be addressed. While communications downtime can be an inconvenience for non-critical tasks, it is much more of a problem where security and safety are concerned.

If an alarm condition occurs but the signal does not reach the ARC, the system has failed. This is why secure multi-path signalling with intelligent polling, such as the DualCom Pro range from CSL, is well established in the security sector. Secure signalling systems are proven in the field and have provided peerless support for many of the most high-profile sites.

However, the benefits of reliable connectivity and secure signalling are not limited to alarm systems. Where continuity of communications is critical, the same approach should be deployed for video systems and access control solutions. With remote technologies increasingly being embraced by end users, if an access control system cannot connect to a central or cloud-based server, a business may find it is unable to function.

Along with video surveillance and access control, it is worth considering the use of cloud-based or remote business services such as freezer monitoring in supermarkets, management of HVAC in server farms, process control in manufacturing facilities, etc. A failure in connectivity could lead to losses for the user.

CSL Router is a rapid connection, 4G-enabled router which can be used with a range of critical systems, including video, access control, building management, payment terminals, process control, etc. The router can be supplied in single or dual-SIM options, allowing the most cost-effective option to be selected dependent upon site needs.

Both variants of the router use 4G data connectivity, making them ideal for sites where traditional broadband is unavailable, impractical or slow. They are also ideal or temporary applications where the installation of a hard-wired connection might be cost-prohibitive.

The dual-SIM option is supplied with two 4G WorldSIMs:, one is active, and the second offers redundancy should a failure occur. WorldSIMs use any of the major providers’ networks, selecting the strongest signal to ensure connectivity is robust.

If the Router is deployed to offer a backup to a hard-wired broadband service, a single SIM model can be used to ensure the solution is cost-effective. The CSL Router can be configured to provide 4G connectivity if the broadband service has any issues.

CSL Routers are supplied with an appropriate monthly data bundle, enabling users to manage costs.

CSL Router makes use of the company’s Gemini Global Platform, providing secure, reliable and scalable connectivity for any device. The platform ensures critical alarms are always delivered, either to an ARC or to a smart device if the system is self-monitored. Access to the system is simple as the Router makes use of a fixed IP address, reducing the need for IT configurations. Set-up is fast, as CSL Routers are supplied pre-configured and ready for use.




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