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Cybersecurity: Secure Logiq – Logical Cybercheck

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Benchmark Innovation Awards 2018 Cybersecurity Winner: Secure Logiq – Logical Cybercheck

Secure Logiq offers a range of servers built specifically with the needs of the security market in mind. Optimised for HD video, analytics and smart video solutions, the hardware can be equipped with the company’s Logiqal Healthcheck software which includes Logiqal Cybercheck, a simple-to-use tool which automates hardening and ensures best practices are adhered to when it comes to cybersecurity.

Servers form the heart of any enterprise-level video surveillance system. As the central elements through which all data traffic must pass, the servers are the obvious place to monitor the performance of an entire system. It is also the best place to detect, block and counteract any potential cyberattacks.

Because of this, Secure Logiq offers a software element for its servers that expands on the integral health-checking capabilities to also include the implementation of cybersecurity.

The Logiqal Healthcheck Pro utility enhances the suite of management tools to ensure that video surveillance solutions are secure, fully optimised and operational at all times. It is simple to understand as it uses a ‘traffic light’ system, confirming the operational status each site.

To enhance customer support, warnings and levels for reporting can be set, with notifications sent via email and SMS.

Logiqal Healthcheck Pro includes Logiqal Cybercheck: a simple-to-use security tool kit guiding the installer or integrator through the steps to be taken to ensure that the system is as impenetrable as possible to cyberattacks.

Intelligent algorithms identify system vulnerabilities and assist the engineer in locking these down against attack or failure. Often the process is automated via a click of the mouse, making configuration simple.

Vulnerabilities are detected as the utility decodes protocols which devices use, delivering easy-to-understand reports.

Logiqal Cybercheck consists of three stages. The first is the Network Deployment Analyser. This monitors the status of the server and network, identifying vulnerabilities and giving the ability to shut them down. It analyses the local server, firewall and network card. Network interface detection highlights Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces, along with active 3G/4G dongles, and instructs the integrator of best practice procedures. Port status and activity is displayed, highlighting unwanted or unnecessary services.

The second module, the Software Security and Integrity Analyser, checks the operating system and applications for updates, as well as blocking access points where rogue software could be introduced. It also ensures all passwords meet a secure policy.

Finally, the CCTV Deployment Analyser identifies ONVIF devices, locking and monitoring unidentified devices.

The Logiqal Cybercheck dashboard uses the traffic light system, making it simple to use. When a site has all green lights, both the integrator and end user can have confidence that the system is protected. Red or amber warnings can be dealt with, often via automated processes, to ensure full cybersecurity best practice.

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