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AI Scene Change Detection deployable on i-Pro AI cameras

by Geny Caloisi
An AI-based analytical application enables easy on-site learning based on captured images. i-Pro announced the addition of AI Scene Change Detection to its powerful edge-based AI analytics platform. 

Scene Change Detection brings the latest in AI analytics technology to i-Pro’s AI-Ification strategy for the security industry.

If a camera detects anomalies within its field of view, an alert can be sent to security and operations teams to let them know what is happening. i-Pro’s aim is to become the security industry’s next-generation partner by implementing AI-based software to make security operators’ lives easier. As well as meeting an important milestone towards proactive surveillance, we are ensuring that we are your next-generation partner for the future.

In contrast to traditional AI-based object detection analytics that notifies users when an object crosses a line or enters a predefined zone, scene change detection enables users to model how a scene would look in a normal state when any preselected part of the scene deviates from normal, the analytical flags it as an anomaly.

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