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IDIS – DV-2232

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In recent years, the security surveillance sector has invested much time and research into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to solve real-world problems for end users. Deployed as part of advanced intelligent video analytics solutions, AI reduces the amount of configuration which is needed to achieve accurate and reliable results.

In the past 12 months, the deployment of AI-enabled analytics has been made simpler as a growing number of manufacturers have designed appliances and video recorders which feature the additional hardware required to successfully run AI-enabled applications. IDIS in one such manufacturer, with a number of devices billed as ‘AI in the Box’. Included amongst these is the DV-2232.

The DV-2232 is powered by IDLA (IDIS Deep Learning Analytics). IDLA makes it easier to deal with previously labour-intensive tasks and gives users a powerful range of analytics tools for both video search and live monitoring. These advances improve surveillance operations while also enhancing the efficiency of security and safety teams.

Independently tested to 98 per cent accuracy, IDLA is powered by the latest generation of the IDIS Deep Learning Engine, and provides users with a range of functions including object detection, intrusion detection, loitering detection, plus other useful analytics functions such as metadata filtering.

Because IDLA delivers high levels of accuracy and reliability, operators are not overwhelmed with false positive alerts. This ensures control room staff are able to trust notifications and alarms, and as a result can initiate an appropriate response faster and more confidently when an alert is triggered.

The DV-2232 is part of the plug-and-play DirectIP series of products. These allow easy network configuration without any need for port forwarding or setting up VPNs. The specialised appliance supports up to 32 channels of networked video, and its processing capabilities are powered by the proven IDLA engine.

To meet the challenges currently faced by a wide range of businesses and organisations, the DV-2232 is pre-loaded with a number of algorithms. These include people counting, occupancy control, crowd detection, social distancing violations and mask rule violations. Accurate real-time notifications and alerts are generated if any of the configured rules are broken, and the use of AI algorithms ensures accuracy remains very high.

Operators can access a live occupancy dashboard, which ensures they can check occupancy against capacity limits, assess visitor flow and ensure compliance is being adhered to. The user-friendly dashboard makes it quick and easy to generate customisable reports in real-time.

The DV-2232 supports both H.265 and H.264 video streams, and processing is handled by an Intel i7 CPU and an Nvdia RTX2060 GPU, delivering the right combination of power and flexibility to process video without any latency or missed events. The appliance runs an embedded version of Windows.

The appliance has three video outputs (HDMI, DP and VGA), and six USB ports to ensure simple connectivity with peripheral devices.

The DV-2232 is simply connected to a DirectIP NVR, and the video streams can be processed in line with the user-configurable rules. This makes it a simple and cost-effective addition to new and legacy DirectIP installations, adding value for end users and providing a simple and efficient upgrade for integrators and installers.



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