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Creating Added Value with Network Audio Technology

by Benchmark

While video surveillance remains a great tool for security and can also add a variety of benefits for many applications as an enabling technology, linking it with network audio can further increase the value available to end users in a number of diverse applications.

New applications for smart solutions are always cropping up as an increasing number of end users seek greater value and an enhanced return on investment from their systems. As a result, forward-thinking system integrators can meet customer expectations by developing cutting-edge bespoke solutions to address security, safety and business management goals. With a greater emphasis on IoT systems, and specifically network-based audio, a greater number of customers can enjoy everyday benefits for well designed systems.

When considering the implementation of network audio technology, there are three distinct use-cases which can be met: security/safety, public address and background audio.

Whether issuing a verbal challenge, warning staff or site visitors of potential hazards, welcoming guests, issuing marketing announcements, helping in an evacuation situation of providing assistance, the potential for network audio solutions is greatly underused in many applications.

However, thanks to today’s evolving technologies, emerging options offer an ever greater level of flexibility, which in turn leads to better meeting (and exceeding) end user expectations.

Network-based audio has always offered an ideal addition to a video solution, enabling users to ensure their staff and visitors to their business or organisation are kept safe, and can also be informed of any critical information or business updates via live or recorded announcements. Messages may be as simple as summoning a member of staff, informing visitors a facility is due to close, announcing special offers or promotions, or playing background music. Indeed, because of the inherent flexibility, network audio solutions can deliver all these benefits and more.

Axis Communications has made the task of adding audio capabilities simpler with the launch of the AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker. The device can be used as part of a full system or in standalone mode with no need for a separate power amplifier or signal processor. The unit’s digital signal processing ensures the miniature speaker delivers clear voice messages, and the device can support the use of pre-recorded messages stored in its memory. Users can also interact with the speaker.

The AXIS C1410 includes a built-in microphone and test tone generator so its operational status can be easily checked.
Other features include an integral PIR sensor, which allows announcements to be triggered by motion in the vicinity of the unit.

The AXIS C1410 can be integrated with VMS, VoIP telephony and analytics from Axis and its partners.


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