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Hikvision offers training for novices

by Geny Caloisi
Helping the professional security industry to expand, Hikvision’s eLearning platform provides preliminary training and insights for those who wish to start in the security industry. By providing learning and certification opportunities, the platform aims to support practitioners in the security industry to enhance their professional competence.

For those already in the industry, the valuable training and certification in Hikvision’s eLearning platform can help enhance careers and resumes, ensuring the individual or company stays ahead of competitors.

Hikvision eLearning offers online self-paced courses and instructor-led classes conducted by Hikvision experts, so you can select the type of training that best suits you.

Watch this video to find out how to choose suitable certifications and courses on Hikvision eLearning

Available Courses:

General Security Certification ( CGSA-CCTV) 

A self-paced online training courses

CGSA-CCTV certification focuses on essential theoretical knowledge, and applications of general security systems and products.

The certification is designed for installers, integrators, engineers, college students, and anyone else who wishes to excel in the security industry. Trainees should be familiar with CCTV basic conception and corresponding product knowledge after the training.

Hikvision Certified Security Associate – (HCSA) – CCTV

The HCSA-CCTV certification focuses on the fundamental theory, operation, and maintenance of Hikvision’s network and analogue products, such as cameras, video recorders, and bundled software.

Hikvision VMS – (HikCentral)

In the HCSA-VMS course, you will learn basic and essential installation and operation procedures for Hikvision’s Video Management Software (VMS): HikCentral Professional.

Engineers with security industry experience are eligible for the certification. By the end of this program, trainees will understand HikCentral Professional and be capable of delivering or operating HikCentral Professional on their own.

HCSA – Access Control

HCSA-Access Control teaches students about Hikvision’s access controllers, terminals, and operating and maintaining access control products. In addition, this training prepares trainees to operate and maintain Hikvision Access Control systems independently after completing the course.

HCSA – Video Intercom

The HCSA-Video Intercom course focuses on essential theoretical knowledge, operation and maintenance of Hikvision video intercom products, including door stations and indoor stations.

HCSA – Alarm

 The HCSA-Alarm courses focus on the introduction of intrusion alarm fundamentals, wireless alarm products,  wired alarm products, device configuration on a web browser and wiring, as well as operations on Hik-Connect & Hik-ProConnect.

HCSA – Software (Hik-Partner Pro)

HCSA-Software certification focuses on essential theoretical knowledge, operation and maintenance of Hikvision’s software products, including Hik-Connect, Hik-ProConnect, HikCentral Professional and iVMS-4200.The certification is designed for professionals with experience in the security industry. Trainees should be knowledgeable about Hikvision software system and be able to operate and maintain relevant products on their own after the training.

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