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Hikvision releases UK&I operations update

by Benchmark Magazine

Following extensive engagement with the UK Government, and with the relevant legislation in the Procurement Bill having been debated and approved by all sides across the two Houses of Parliament, Hikvision has confirmed that the UK Government has now clarified its position concerning Hikvision CCTV cameras in relation to sensitive areas of the government estate. As a result of this important regulatory confirmation, the company has announced a renewal of its commitment to the UK market.

A statement from Justin Hollis, Hikvision UK & Ireland Marketing Director reads:

“The UK’s Government letter to Hikvision confirms that Hikvision’s equipment is not banned from wider public sector settings. This decision recognises the integral role Hikvision products play in protecting property and promoting public safety.”

The statement provided from His Majesty’s Government is as follows:

Hikvision UK wishes to understand the policy in order to explain the position of the Government to its customers, confirming that:

  • The policy responds to an internal assessment of emerging threats, arising from the increased sophistication and connectivity of visual surveillance equipment.
  • This policy applies to sensitive sites on the central government estate where security considerations are always paramount – for example, defence and intelligence facilities.
  • The rationale for this policy is set out in the attached WMS.
  • The term ‘sensitive sites’ is defined within Government and well-understood by those working within the relevant parts of the Government. The definition is not public.
  • The policy represents instruction and advice to central Government departments. It does not apply to private individuals or businesses or other public authorities (outside the central government estate) and was not intended to be relied upon by such persons in relation to their own use of visual surveillance equipment. The policy did not respond to any specific request for a “ban” on the use of Hikvision products.

Justin states: “The Government’s decision endorses the security credentials of Hikvision’s products and adds to a growing consensus around the safety and integrity of Hikvision technology across the UK and Ireland, as well as internationally. Further evidence of this came recently in the Republic of Ireland, where the cross-party Houses of Oireachtas Committee overseeing the Irish parliamentary estate at Leinster House ruled that it was satisfied Hikvision cameras installed in the parliamentary precinct did not present a security risk, with our products remaining installed.

“Hikvision has always been clear that the company and its products present no threat to UK national security,” continues Justin. “No respected technical institution or assessment has concluded otherwise. Each of Hikvision’s products is subject to strict security requirements and is compliant with the applicable laws and regulations in the UK, as well as any other country and regions in which we operate.

“We are also proud to have worked with the UK Government on the ‘Secure By Default’ initiative in 2019, which complements existing qualifications and certifications in the security space.

“We are confident that this regulatory clarity and the completion of the Procurement Bill will remove any confusion regarding our viability in the UK. Indeed, we are open for business.”

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