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Work faster with customisable quotes and more on  the Hik-Partner Pro app

by Geny Caloisi

Hikvision has launched its new Hik-Partner Pro app. This unified security management platform is designed specifically for installers, distributors, and system integrators to make their lives easier.

The way installers and integrators want to work today is on the move, well informed and fast. The new app makes it easy to find out the latest news and information about products and include it in their quotes to clients in just a couple of clicks on the app now.

Previously, the company offered Hik-ProConnect. Hik-Partner Pro is an upgrade of the app that provides a robust software platform that offers both mobile and PC versions.

Users of Hik-ProConnect can use their current credentials to log in, and they will be automatically invited to migrate to Hik-Partner Pro to download the app. 

Swapping for Hik-Partner Pro is free and brings significant benefits, including creating quotes on the go and sending them to clients as a file using the Installers’ company logo on the Co-branded feature within the app.

Hik-Partner Pro carries over the capabilities of Hik-ProConnect, enabling remote device configuration and maintenance. Further, it allows security installers to promptly provide additional services to their customers, such as device health monitoring and online support, providing them with added value for their customers’ money.

In addition to accessing the entire, up-to-date portfolio of Hikvision products, installers can find news, detailed marketing information, and handouts in Hik-Partner Pro. Furthermore, to provide value-added services, users of the app can find a variety of sales promotions to follow.

To further support the security professionals’ skills and tools for the job, an extensive library of ‘how-to’ videos is available directly on the app 24/7. In addition, the company plans to add a support function to the app next year.

With the app’s site management option, installers can have their client’s data at their fingertips, including site location and a navigation feature.

The Smart Managed function on the app allows remote access to all IP cameras. These can be configured and updated remotely. The platform will also inform if there’s been a disruption on the network. If a password needs to be reset, no problem; it can also be done in the app.

Using Hik-Partner Pro has practical tools to carry out proactive remote site health management and ARC integration and more, as well as tools such as disk capacity calculations when recommending devices for your customers.

Last but not least, the app offers a comparison between Hikvision products to help choose the best solution. The comparison can even be shared with the client in full or by highlighting the differences between the products.

Users of the app will also earn points that can be used for lucky draws or to redeem gifts.

Hik-Partner Pro has a 4.7 stars rating and can be downloaded for desktop on hik-partner.com or directly on the smartphone app store.

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