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Adding Efficiency to Video Management

by Benchmark

Adding efficiency to VMS solutions

The flexibility available from today’s video management solutions underlines why integrators and end users who are looking to deliver smart solutions are increasingly turning to software-based systems. VMS packages offer a plethora of benefits, over and above those available from the more basic hardware systems. As systems get more advanced, it is important to not lose sight of the fact that the first and most critical role of a VMS is to protect a business, organisation or public space. With this in mind, VMS packages that enhance protection are a necessity.


Video management: a smarter option

For many end users, the ability to effectively and easily operate their video management solution is critical to ensure proactive protection of people, premises and assets. Modern solutions enable the capture of ever increasing amounts of security data, and when an incident occurs, it is vital the operators have access to the right data without any risk of interference or human error detracting from the performance of the system. To introduce smart operations, IPS offers VideoManager 3D VMS, which boasts a host of intelligent features.


VMS and an enhanced return on investment

In an age of smart technology, many manufacturers are focused on the delivery of ‘intelligent’ features and functions. Whilst this is often a benefit for integrators, installers and end users alike, the reality – which must be remembered – is it is possible for a feature to be smart without being useful. A definition needs to be understood between functionality being clever and being useful. Too often, these characteristics get confused and the end user declines to invest in new technologies. VideoManager 3D VMS from IPS delivers smart functionality that is also useful for the customer, enhancing security and increasing the customer’s return on investment.



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