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IPS signs its first French solutions partner, Sovec

by Geny Caloisi

IPS has signed a partnership agreement with French solution provider Sovec Entreprises.  Sovec is active in the video surveillance market in the northeast of France and installs professional video systems for its customers.

Alain H. Benoit, IPS’ Partner Manager EMEA comments, “Sovec has an excellent reputation in the industry and we are delighted to have such a competent company as a partner, which is an ideal fit for us,” and added, “The French market has its own particularities, it takes time to build relationships as well as trust and brand awareness. We focus on projects in high security and these projects especially are based on trust and finding the right partnership.”

IPS VideoManager VMS software is also a good addition to Sovec’s offering.  For instance, IPS reliable VMS software boosts twelve integrated video analytics for perimeter protection of high-security sites, a definite plus for Sovec’s French customers.  Also, the 3D technology offered by the IPS VideoManager, which has already been recognised for its technological innovation, can provide more accurate geo-referenced data and automatically track detected objects, even in difficult weather conditions. The technology also allows displaying the intruder’s path on the site map.

With the new partnership, IPS strengthens its presence in the French market. The first measures of the partnership are the intensive product training that Sovec will receive from IPS by the end of the year.

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