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The Evolution of Alarm Systems

by Benchmark

The evolution of security technology has transformed intruder alarm systems from options which solely create alarms when an intrusion is taking place to proactive solutions capable of delivering accurate real-time information about the status of a property. The integration of intruder detection with video surveillance adds benefits for the user, generating a tangible return on investment for a wide range of applications.

Hikvision’s AX PRO wireless security system brings alarm and video technologies together, delivering a combined system for both residential and commercial applications.

Comprising a panel hub and a wide range of detectors and peripheral devices, the AX PRO is a game-changer both in terms of technology and design. Its features include Tri-X proprietary wireless technology, IVaaS (Intruder Verification as a Service), app compatibility and a modern design.

Each feature has been developed with both the engineer and user in mind, making installation simple and fast, while functionality and the user interface are reliable and straightforward.

The AX PRO system supports up to 96 wireless devices, with a transmission range of up to 2km, making it adaptive and fully configurable for any installation challenge. Alongside the control panel, Hikvision has also developed an extensive range of detectors and peripheral devices, enabling the system to be customised to meet any installation needs.

The AX PRO range includes a series of detectors and sensors designed to address the needs of virtually any site. These include combined PIR and glass break detectors, dual technology sensors, as well as a number of safety detectors and door contacts. All sensors feature wireless detection and communication.

The range also includes the wireless PIR-Camera Detector, which has been developed with the latest technology to deliver a 12 metre detection range, VGA resolution video, infrared LED Illumination for night vision, internal memory buffer for snapshots and an 800 metre long distance wireless protocol range.

With the AX PRO system, Hikvision has also introduced the Relay Module and Wall Switch, enabling automation options to be added to the system. By expanding the capabilities beyond security, installations have greater flexibility to deliver the functionality users are demading.

With direct control via the keyfob, wireless LED keypad and Hik-Connect control, as well as the ability to configure automation schedules, the system offers a high degree of flexibility.

Built with practicality in mind, the wide range of peripherals maximises user safety and assists with their day-to-day activities. Peripheral devices include static and portable panic button options to keep occupants safe, while the wireless LED keypad or ergonomic keyfob provide multiple control options to suit the user’s preferences.

AX PRO is fully compatible with the Hik-Connect app, which delivers full installer configuration, along with voice and video clip notifications to users, as well as full sensor and system health monitoring on demand.


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