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Videx offers new GSM app

by Benchmark

Videx Security has strengthened its GSM intercom range by adding a new app designed for installers and engineers who fit and maintain Videx GSM systems.

The new app, which complements the existing GSM app, includes a new host of features which are compatible with all GSM models, and enable engineers to program an unlimited number of sites.

The new app provides a wide range of features to help make an engineer’s job easier. Within the app, integrators can store information about the site such as the address and contact details, and they’re able to programme all apartments and buttons, access codes, proximity fobs, dial to opens, time bands and general settings too.

Events for each intercom and site can be viewed from the app, and the data is also stored on a cloud server and sent directly from the intercom to the cloud allowingit to be viewed on multiple devices.

An advanced settings page and a diagnostics tools section assist the engineer should there be a need to diagnose a problem.

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