Business Intelligence Winner: SAST IoT Platform

SAST’s global platform has been created to harness the potential available from the emerging wave of innovative IP-connected security cameras. Changes in the way surveillance technologies are deployed include an increase in internet connectivity and processing at the edge as a result of the increased use of next generation processing and advanced video compression and stream management. The impact is that edge-based video analytics are becoming increasingly viable and beneficial for many business applications as well as for security purposes.

One of the drivers for growth will be enhanced processing power. This has already played a significant part in enabling the introduction of intelligence at the edge for video surveillance applications, and given the drive to implement even faster processing in the future, including increased use of GPUs and next-generation microprocessors such as neuron chip sets, the smart functionalities will become ever more prevalent.

The SAST IoT platform focuses on the security video surveillance sector, and specifically smart cameras, but the platform will embrace open connectivity, and as such it will support a wide range of additional IoT systems.

The platform complies with standards for the development of innovative business applications in the security and safety industries.

SAST uses four stages to create its IoT ecosystem. These are a camera OS, tools for developers, ready-to-use AI-enabled applications and an integrator portal.

The universal camera operating system (OS) is based on the Android Open Source Project. A single OS simplifies tasks for those developing third party applications, as a single API and set of codecs can be used.

Developers and designers are aided by a set of tools such as analytics and performance tests available via the SAST on-line portfolio. These make use of common KPIs to ensure quality and resilience standards are met.

The SAST app store presents a front-end for the platform, enabling system integrators and security installers to download specific applications. The apps are AI-based and tested for conformity on supported hardware and software products.

Finally, by way of a support function, SAST offers an integrator portal including a knowledge-base, information about associated hardware and software products, technical bulletins and experience-based documentation that ensures those buying into the SAST IoT platform are able to fully exploit the benefits on offer.

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