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Adding Benefits to Intruder Alarm Systems

by Benchmark

End users who are security-aware demand ease of use, mobile connectivity and a high degree of flexibility from all their systems, and that includes the intruder detection systems which protect their workplace and colleagues, and their homes and families. In a connected world, they demand to be able to manage and control their systems with ease. This is why installers and integrators must provide solutions with a reliable, robust and easy-to-use interface.

Setting and unsetting the alarm system in a convenient way, checking on the real-time status of their site, receiving push notifications about events, and being able to react to incidents is no longer considered an additional benefit; users expect these features from professional quality alarm systems. Users are also looking for added value, so the ability to control appliances, automate procedures and easily adapt their system to meet changing needs are also essential.

Texecom’s upgraded Connect V2 App not only meets the needs of today’s customers, but it also provides a number of benefits for installers, ensuring they can manage their client estate with ease. In the latest version, Texecom Connect V2 allows installers to manage the App and associated systems via the Texecom Cloud. All that is needed is a free Texecom Cloud membership and a free Texecom Connect App management contract. For those with a paid Texecom Cloud account, there are additional benefits.

Installers can manage their entire App customer base, adding users, migrating customers and managing their estate of Premier Elite systems. With a higher tier Texecom Cloud membership, installers can also enforce maintenance contracts, with the ability to disable or delete users who do not have a current contract with the installation company.

Another bonus for installers with a Texecom Cloud Gold tier membership is the ability to brand the App, ensuring their company’s identity is front and centre in all customer interactions.

Texecom Connect V2 allows the end user to interact with their system in many ways, and as a result the App can be a pivotal tool in upselling the system. Once a customer is aware how easy it is to gain benefits using Texecom Connect Cameras and Smart Plugs, additional sales can be made, ranging from security peripherals to smart automation devices and more. The latest version of the App will also be fully compatible with the soon-to-be-launched SmartCom 4G communicator.

When the customer requires changes to the system, such as adding a user or changing parameters, the installer can quickly do this via the Texecom Cloud platform, and then the user can verify the outcome using the App, leading to an enhanced user experience.

To realise these benefits, plus many more planned for the future, installers should ensure they upgrade their customers to the new and advanced Texecom Connect V2 App. It is simple and quick to do so, and ensures the additional benefits are realised, putting more power and flexibility into the award-winning alarm system.


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