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Sightful creates AR computer

by Geny Caloisi
With only a keyboard, trackpad, and augmented reality glasses, Spacetop is a compact and very private computer. This device, created by tech company Sightful, does not have a monitor, which means it is essentially just the bottom half of a standard laptop.

It comes with a pair of Augmented Reality glasses (AR), allowing you to have a virtual screen in front of you of up to 100-in size, which can only be seen by the person wearing the glasses.

On such a big screen, multiple windows can be organised side to side using Spacetop OS. Using two 1080p screens, Spacetop creates an illusion of a full 2K display, which they call ‘Canvas’.

Spacetop isn’t just a concept for the future of mobile computing. The company is inviting 1,000 people interested in buying the innovative device, with a reported price tag of around $2,000, to sign up on their website. But, before you rush to register, they only offer it in the USA.

Worth taking a look at it thou! Click here


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