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Texecom SmartCom 4G

by Geny Caloisi
Texecom has announced its new SmartCom 4G, adding connectivity options for Premier Elite systems and enhancing connection reliability.

Providing access to Texecom Cloud and Texecom Connect (V2) services via single path (4G) or dual path (4G plus ethernet or WiFi), the SmartCom 4G is always on, ready, and available. 

SmartCom’s single path 4G can be used without any additional network infrastructure. This makes it a viable choice for new commercial installations where IT networks are not yet operational.

Being wire-free makes them suitable for remote sites or outbuildings or no local internet options available.

The dual-path 4G plus ethernet or WiFi means that all bases are covered in the event of power failure, local network availability or ISP issues.

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