At Benchmark, we passionately believe that the future of the electronic security sector lies in the creation of innovative and smart solutions. In order to allow installers and integrators to create such solutions, it is vital that manufacturers deliver innovation that both enhances the technological capabilities of their products, and allows those developments to be implemented in a realistic fashion. In order to highlight such advances, Benchmark runs its Innovation Awards scheme, which recognises and rewards innovative thinking. Here we highlight the finalists in the 2019 Benchmark Innovation Awards.

The security industry has never before enjoyed the sheer breadth of technological options that it does today. The security systems market is advancing on a daily basis, and alongside developments from security innovators we can also benefit from the constant advancements being made in the IT, communications, AV and consumer sectors. The impact of these innovations is immediate, and we can leverage what is on offer as and when they happen. In short, innovation has become our watchword.

As advances in technology deliver ever greater levels of functionality, so the ability to integrate security elements increases. This is further added to by interoperability with other functions such as business intelligence and smart management. The result is that security systems offer a more valued proposition for all concerned, bringing together enhanced security with truly beneficial solutions.

Through on-going innovation, and by embracing the new and emerging technologies, manufacturers can assist installers and integrators who wish to adopt a more holistic approach to system design. This allows the solutions to encompass the inherent flexibility that new technologies offer.

Defining innovation

The Benchmark Innovation Awards scheme recognises and rewards innovations which deliver real benefits to installers, integrators and end users.

Innovations must bring value; it’s not enough for a manufacturer to add features simply to expand a list of functions. If there is no tangible benefit for installers and integrators, or their customers, developments cannot be considered as innovative!

Devices or systems must either deliver a new concept or different approach which is both effective and realistic, or should include a specific feature or function which ranks as innovative.

Also, with an increasing focus on integration and interoperability, devices or software which add functionality and bring together other established systems are coming to the fore.

Innovation is the lifeblood of the security systems sector, and is vital for a credible and profitable future.


FLIR: Saros DH-390

FLIR’s Saros dome cameras include patented and patent-pending technologies to deliver accurate, actionable alerts, and verified alarm data for outdoor commercial perimeters. The cameras integrate multiple technologies in one device, including two thermal sensors supported by onboard analytics, plus the choice of an HD1080p or 4K UHD video camera, IR and visible LED illuminators, two-way audio and digital input/outputs. The DH-390 features a thermal resolution of 320 x 120 with a 90-degree field-of-view.

Hikvision: Thermal Smart Linkage Tracking

Hikvision’s Thermal Smart Linkage Tracking Systems makes use of a single fixed thermal imaging camera and a video-based PTZ camera. The PTZ camera uses smart processing to track multiple moving targets, triggered by the fixed thermal camera which delivers an overview of the protected area. There are a number of models with differing detection ranges.

Edesix: VB-300

The VB-300 series of body-worn cameras are WiFi-enabled devices. With a 130 degree horizontal field of view, day/night recording capability, RFID touch-assign enabled and integrated pre-record functionality, the VideoBadges can record footage of ongoing incidents. Video and audio footage is kept securely on the camera with no removable media card, and is encrypted.

Hanwha Techwin: Wisenet XNP-6550RH

The Wisenet XNP-6550RH PTZ camera features a 55x optical zoom, gyro sensing for accurate stabilisation, optical Defog and integral IR LEDs with an effective range of up to 500 metres. The optical Defog uses an optical low pass filter which accepts a higher light range in front of the camera’s image sensor in order to reduce the influence of fog. Other features include adaptive IR technology, auto-tracking, integral video analytics, dynamic streaming and dual SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slots.

IDIS: Super Fisheye 5MP Compact

The Super Fisheye 5MP Compact camera (DC-Y6513RX) is a compact 360 degree camera designed for wide area protection applications. Features include Smart UX Controls for high accuracy and ease-of-use, smooth de-warping on the camera as well as on desktop applications, protection against video loss via built-in Smart Failover technology, and an intelligent codec. Intelligent video and event trigger functions utilise motion detection, active tampering and trip zones.


Milestone: XProtect+ 2019

XProtect+ 2019 extends the usability of the Smart Client, with support for one- and two-way audio in the Mobile and Web clients. This includes communication directly from a phone with the Push-To-Talk function. All software packages in the XProtect+ range include Milestone’s Rules Engine, support for H.265 video formats, hardware-accelerated video decoding, centralised management and Active Directory support.

Bosch: BVMS Pro 9

BVMS Professional provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data. The network-based system offers optimum results with Bosch devices, leveraging the proprietary capabilities of the cameras and recording solutions. The system is equipped with embedded resilience, allowing day-to-day operations to continue should the management server or recording servers fail. Edge-based video content analysis and advanced recording technology reduce the cost of ownership.

Johnson Controls: TrickleStor

The VideoEdge TrickleStor feature provides an integrated camera-NVR connectivity solution protecting against video loss by recording video locally . By recording directly onto SD cards when a connectivity failure to the VideoEdge NVR takes place, video is protected. TrickleStor automates the process of media database repair, reducing the risks when a network communication failure event occurs.

Mobotix: Mx6 Second Generation Platform

MOBOTIX offer its second generation Mx6 camera line with a new platform that includes the integrated MxBus functionality. The MxBus technology is based on an extended camera board. This two-wire cable system is encrypted against cyberattacks and expands camera functions by including practical additional modules such as the MX-GPS-Box, a reliable time server for a complete video system. Mx6 cameras without MxBus can also process and use the data from an MxBus module connected to a camera within the same network.

IPS: VideoManager 3D VMS

VideoManager VMS makes use of 3D technology, which enhances the management suite’s operational feature-set. The software’s 3D technology automates tracking and camera handover, meaning operators can follow suspects without a need to manually control PTZ-enabled cameras. The cameras automatically use IVA to track suspects, and if the target moves from one camera’s protected area to another, the system automatically hands over. VideoManager includes VMD and sabotage detection, and IPS intelligent video analytics can be added via licence upgrades.


Paxton: PaxLock Pro

PaxLock Pro is Paxton’s third generation of electronic door handle, offering a robust, wireless and aesthetically pleasing product suitable for a wide range of sites. It can be installed to operate as part of a networked access control system or as a standalone device. It is available in two options for internal and external facing doors. Simple to install, it is compatible with DIN standard locks so replacement of an existing door handle creates minimal disruption.

Nortech: FeeMaster Smart Range

The FeeMaster Smart system provides a simple, cost effective means of managing revenue collection while simultaneously controlling short-stay, long-stay and seasonal parking access. The FeeMaster system is also ideal for controlling access for staff, long stay and seasonal parkers due to the ability to validate smart cards for any given duration of time.

Pacom: 8003 Controller

The 8003 controller is an intelligent IP-enabled hybrid controller that provides flexible intrusion detection and access control for up to eight doors. As an access control device, the 8003 can support up to 8 doors, each with an IN and OUT reader, enabling anti-passback. The 8003 controller can operate standalone for smaller or remote environments or can be easily incorporated as part of a fully integrated access control system for larger buildings or multi-site applications.

Comelit: VIP Mini HF WiFi

The VIP Mini HF WiFi features an integral WiFi port and gateway for forwarding video entry phone calls to smartphones and tablets running the Comelit app. All functions and programming can be performed from a graphic menu, using eight soft-touch keys. The unit is powered by PoE, and includes an induction loop with T position for users of hearing aids.

ASSA Abloy: Aperio H100

The H100 door handle offers integration with a number of third-party systems. Available in online and offline versions, it can be retrofitted without drilling for doors with a thickness of 30–80mm. The H100 is battery-operated and supports iCLASS, Mifare, Mifare Plus, Desfire SE and EV1 card technologies.


Vanderbilt: ACT Enterprise

The latest release of ACT Enterprise includes a number of updates to enhance the solution. To help with integration, ACT Enterprise integrates seamlessly with the company’s SPC intrusion system. ACT Enterprise is also supported by intuitive smartphone apps delivering real-time monitoring, system management and user administration. To facilitate smart functionality, one of the headline additions is rules mapping, allowing triggers to implement actions.

Qognify: Qognify ACI

Access Control Insights (ACI) is designed to analyse access control system data to deliver operational insights, detecting abnormal behaviours and identifying critical events.Utilising machine learning data analytics, Qognify ACI detects unusual card holder activities associated with potential fraud, theft or other risks, alerting the system operator of threats. All functionality is delivered without changing legacy access control systems.

Evva: Xesar 3.0

The Xesar system is an innovative electronic access system which is fully scalable, allowing use in residential developments, educational facilities and office buildings. Xesar can be simply and securely managed, either from within a locally installed network or via the cloud. The Xesar system can be created from a number of modules. These include cylinders, escutcheons, readers, door handles, cam locks and padlocks.

BQT Solutions: Net2 Integration

BQT offers a software integration between its miPASS Access TMS software and Paxton’s Net2 access control software. The integration enables the seamless addition of BQT biometric readers to new or legacy Net2 systems, facilitating a smooth transition from less secure card technologies to more robust options like fingerprint biometrics and BQT’s own miPASS credentials.


GARDiS access control management software boasts ease of installation across a number of Windows versions, with a graphical user-friendly interface developed specifically to accommodate the needs of a wide variety of users. The software’s installation wizard reduces complexity during the set-up. GARDiS is a web-based application which runs as a service. This ensures that is always operational. The software will be enhanced with a selection of hardware products designed to fully integrate with Cloud-hosted security solutions.


Takex: PIR-T40NAM

The PIR-T40NAM is a long-range external PIR with a maximum range of 40 metres. The sensor boasts four selectable operational modes which allow flexibility when it comes to positioning the unit. With a mounting height range of between two and six metres, it allows freedom when finalising device locations. The PIR-T40NAM delivers vertical curtain protection. Other headline features include triple mirror optics and intelligent signal processing.

OPTEX: OPTEX Bridge powered by CHeKT

The OPTEX Bridge powered by CHeKT combines remotely monitored intruder alarm systems and ONVIF cameras to create a visual verification platform. The solution has been developed to be compatible with most intruder alarm systems, and any ONVIF camera, as well as being integrated with most ARCs’ monitoring software platforms. The Cloud hosted platform allows collaboration between the ARCs and the users by sharing video clips to confirm alarms.

SICK: Visionary-T DT Sensor

The Visionary-T DT sensor is a configurable, plug-and-play 3D detection sensor. The device makes use of single-snapshot Time of Flight technology for a range of detection, notification and security applications. The sensor uses integral image processing, ensuring it can be added to installations without additional IT-based infrastructure.

InnoSent: iSYS-5021 with Tracker

The iSYS-5021 is a 24GHz radar system. InnoSent has developed it with the aim of fusing together radar and cameras. The integrated Smart Tracker detects multiple moving objects within the detection area. It combines radar detections with tracked data and allows the anonymous monitoring of relevant events. The targets are recorded even if a person stops moving, changes postures or starts crawling.

Raytec: Urban-X

Urban-X is a range of high-performance general area luminaires designed for industrial applications. Urban-X delivers several performance advantages compared to traditional lighting, such as a lumen output up to 14,000lm. The range achieves powerful illumination through the use of Platinum SMT LED technology. High thermal performance ensures the luminaires run cool, providing long-life.


BT Redcare: Redcare Ultimate

Ultimate is claimed to be BT Redcare’s best alarm signalling system yet, suitable for every level of risk. It uses a private IP connection on the Redcare network, backed up by two 4G SIMs. Resilience is ensured as the panel includes battery back-up. Real-time monitoring means any problems with the connection can be notified in 90 seconds. The service can deliver alarm and fire signalling, as well as monitoring of business elements.

Pyronix: ProControl+

Pyronix has added voice push notifications to both the iOS and Android versions of the ProControl+ app. When an alarm occurs, if the system is set or unset, or if an event is triggered by any life safety devices integrated with the system, the user receives a voice push notification. The feature adds value without any additional cost. When combined with cameras for video verification, users can also see what is happening.

Teleste: S-AWARE

S-AWARE provides users with a smart platform to centralise system information and manage daily operations. Data from various sources can be collected, identified, analysed and distributed in a single, easy-to-use, web-based graphical user interface. S-AWARE can be deployed as a standalone product, or integrated with Teleste’s S-VMX video management solution. It stores and records information from all system components and tracks events to generate reports for analysis.

Reconeyez: Video Verification System

Reconeyez offers a battery-powered alarm system with video verification, providing a flexible solution for outdoor security, with a particular emphasis on mobile/temporary security. The standalone system can be used where there is no mains power and the PIR-managed cameras work with a battery-powered 2G/3G/4G bridge to send alarms and images back to a control room for verification purposes.

Texecom: Texecom Cloud

Texecom Cloud delivers enhanced system management options to integrators and installers. The cloud platform enhances day-to-day remote management. Benefits include remote maintenance and healthchecks across the full portfolio of systems, remote access to systems via any web-connected device, access management, reduction in time of on-site configurations, flexible reporting and a number of additional benefits which enable additional value and add-on services.


Avigilon: AI Appliance

The AI Appliance adds patented Avigilon self-learning video analytics and Appearance Search technology to almost any IP camera. When connected to Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software, integrators and installers can create powerful AI-based solutions, with automatic alerts of potentially critical events and the ability to search for and locate a person or vehicle of interest across an entire site.

Axis: AXIS Guard Suite

AXIS Guard Suite encompasses motion, intrusion and loitering analytics for Axis network video products. It detect threats and instigates configured actions. The analytics are suitable for use in a range of locations. The analytics can be used with Axis network video products running firmware 7.x or higher. They are available at no extra cost for Axis Q-line products and at a low cost for other compatible products. The applications support multiple profiles, allowing trigger settings for different times of day.

Davantis: Daview Mini

Daview Mini offers a comprehensive security solution for small sites, centralising video analytics and alarm verification, enabling system operators to take immediate action. The appliance is quick and easy to install and features intuitive software. The system is compatible with devices using the ONVIF protocol. The appliance features relays for activating external devices, and perimeter protection is enhanced thanks to a SmartWalk function which aids configuration.

Genetec: Streamvault Appliances

Streamvault is a complete line of secure, ready-to-deploy security infrastructure solutions designed to help integrators and installers design a system that meets project requirements. With Security Center, the Genetec VMS product, pre-loaded, Streamvault appliances simplify deployment and maintenance, and unify a site’s security operations.

Briefcam: Briefcam Protect

BriefCam’s video content analytics platform adds value to video surveillance system investments by making captured video searchable, actionable and quantifiable. Using a fusion of computer vision technologies, together with patented Video Synopsis technology, Briefcam enables video system operators to review hours of video in minutes, rapidly identifying people and objects of interest. The software provides robust detection, classification and recognition.


Herta: BioFinder

BioFinder makes it possible to search for a specific subject, through facial recognition, in one or various recorded videos. By working with GPU architecture, it processes all the images at a high speed, making it possible to locate a specific subject more rapidly. BioFinder delivers forensic analysis and the classification of information.


AI-PARKING-DEEP is a video analytics solution for parking management. Using deep learning techniques, it is able to analyse car parks, including indoor and outdoor areas, to assess if spaces are empty or occupied. The solution is aimed at parking management, and delivers occupancy rates for parking areas. It can operate in enclosed spaces or on streets, and can inform users about parking spaces.

Allgovision: Flow Map

The Allgovision analytics packages offer a diverse number of modules, including a host of business intelligence options. The AGV-VA-FLOW module implement flow mapping, allowing footfall traffic is a surveyed area to be quickly and easily mapped. The analytics module produces a movement trend map which highlights the percentage split for various movement paths taken by people in the monitored zone, over a defined time period.

Anyvision: Better Tomorrow Platform

Better Tomorrow is a state-of-the-art platform that enables one-to-many recognition on-demand. The platform can either be based in the local premises or in the cloud. It can be used for recognition of persons of interest, as well as recognition of humans or other specified objects. Other features include heat mapping. The technology can be applied across multiple sites, and results can be filtered by adding variants as required.

SAST: IoT Platform

SAST offers a global platform for the next generation of security cameras. It has been created to harness the potential available from emerging innovative IP-based security cameras and devices. With surveillance technologies being deployed using internet connectivity and processing at the edge, the increased use of next generation processing and advanced video compression and stream management requires a new approach. The SAST IoT platform is designed for edge-based video analytics as well as business applications.


Seagate: SkyHawk AI 14TB

SkyHawk AI HDDs are available in 14TB variants and have been designed for use in AI-capable surveillance systems. Traditional SkyHawk drives are optimised for predominantly write-based performance but the AI models are configured for higher workloads, such as the in-depth searching and logging that AI-enabled systems perform. The drives also include data protection coverage as they are supplied with a two year Rescue Data Recovery Services plan bundled with every AI drive.

ComNet: CTS24+2

The CTS24+2 is a managed layer-2 commercial grade Ethernet transport system and provides up to 24 ports of 10/100TX Ethernet and two ports of 10/100/1000TX or 1000FX transmission. The CTS24+2 series allows for flexibility in combining standard copper, optical and extended distance Ethernet in one device. Optional PoE supplies of 400 or 720 Watts are available. Up to three 8-channel modules can be fitted to each chassis: the modules are CAT5/6 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, 100FX optical SFP, or CopperLine Coax or UTP interfaces.

D-Link: DIS-700G

The DIS-700G Series Industrial Layer 2+ Gigabit managed switches are designed to withstand temperature variations, vibrations and shocks, making them ideal for security applications. The rugged switches feature a hardened design combined with high availability network features which are vital when considering surveillance and wireless connectivity. The switches provide high throughput and reduced response time which is critical for security-based video, voice and data applications.

NVT Phybridge: EC Extender Kit

The NVT Phybridge EC Extender solution is designed to upgrade the downlink capabilities of a standard Ethernet switch, delivering 10/100Mbps symmetrical (full duplex) data and PoE over coax. The solution offers enhanced range with distances of up to 1.2km. IP-based IoT devices can be connected to the existing coaxial infrastructure, delivering optimal performance while saving costs and time. Cost savings can enable system designers to transfer budget and resources towards higher-quality applications and devices.

InfiNet: InfiLink 2×2

InfiLINK 2X2 is a point-to-point wireless transmission solution, combining high-speed capabilities of up to 280Mbps throughput, with a range of features and benefits such as leading-edge radio protocols providing spectral efficiency and wireless transmissions over long distances. The wireless solution can be deployed to provide Ethernet extensions, such as simple LAN-to-LAN connectivity, between two locations where physical cabling might be cost-prohibitive.