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AI-Retail: the integrated video analytic solution for business intelligence

by Benchmark

AI-Retail is a cutting-edge video analytic solution powered by A.I. Tech for the business intelligence, which allows retailers improve sales performance. If they can’t measure it, that can’t manage it and they cannot improve it.

Employing digital cameras and advanced video analytic algorithms, AI-Retail enables the retailer to be a click away from statistical data related to the flow and behaviour of customers in the retail space.

The solution can offer a definitive instrument for business intelligence and store optimisation, providing information about customers and their preferences, as well as optimising the management of employee shifts. It can additionally increase customer satisfaction, with efficient and effective queue management, reducing waiting times for customers.

AI-Retail is available as an edge-side software application which is installed directly onto cameras, as a server-side program installed on a server, or as an embedded solution integrated in the AI-Appliance box, powered by A.I. Tech.

AI-Retail incorporates six different intelligent video analytic modules to manage a range of needs inside a store.

AI-People can be employed in transit areas or gates and is associated to a virtual line. This plugin counts the number of persons crossing this line in a given direction.

AI-Crowd can be deployed in crowded areas where people stop or slowly move, determining queueing situations. AI-Crowd estimates the number of people inside one or more areas of interest, allowing evaluation of customer interest to a display, as well as aiding queue management.

AI-Overcrowd detects overcrowding situations, raising an alarm when the number of people inside an area is too high. This is the definitive solution for queue management.

AI-Heat classifies different areas in the store depending on the time spent in them by people, distinguishing between the most visited areas (hot spots) and the less crowded ones (dead areas).

AI-Occupancy evaluates the occupancy percentage of one or more areas of interest. AI-Occupancy allows a quantitative evaluation that can be combined with the qualitative one provided by AI-Heat.

AI-Overoccupancy detects situations in which the occupancy percentage is higher or lower than a given threshold, chosen by the operator.

Finally, the last module included in AI-Retail is AI-Dash, the interactive dashboard which can be viewed via web or by using a mobile app. AI-Dash allows to access to all the statistical data related to the flow of the people in the building and generates a large variety of graphs for supporting business intelligence and evaluating the impact of sales strategies. Depending on the degree of business activity, the dashboard can be installed directly on the camera (the data is stored on an SD card) or in the cloud, offering the possibility to aggregate data from multiple cameras or even from multiple stores.

When installed on the cloud, AI-Dash can also collect data coming from peripheral sensors such as POS or weather stations, providing all the data a retailer needs at a glance.

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