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Aurora FaceSentinel LR

by Benchmark

Access control relies upon the use of some form of credential being presented to inform the system that the user has authority to enter or exit via a protected portal. In higher security applications, biometrics can offer an option, and this doesn’t always mean fingerprint-based solutions. Aurora offers the LR (long range) version of its FaceSentinel solution which enhances possibilities for busy applications.

What is it?

FaceSentinel LR is a biometric access control technology which can be integrated with a wide range of legacy access control systems. Because it is compatible with systems using industry standard protocols, it allows the higher security of biometric-based credentials to deliver enhanced performance.

Typically, most biometric-based access control systems make use of fingerprint-based credentials. However, performance of such systems varies greatly dependent upon the reading technology, and gaining access requires some physical steps to be taken by the person requesting access.

FaceSentinel LR makes use of facial recognition algorithms, and has been designed for high security applications where reliability is key.

The LR designation stands for ‘long range’ and this allows a greater degree of flexibility when designing solutions.

Day-to-day use?

Because FaceSentinel LR uses facial recognition, a users interaction with the system is to look briefly at the sensor while using a normal access control token. Because the system is verifying the user on a one-to-one basis, verification occurs in around 20 milliseconds, according to the manufacturer.

User acceptance of the system will also be high as the process is completely non-contact. This also ensures that it is simple to use and can be faster than many contact-based technologies like fingerprint readers.

An additional benefit is that images of all transactions are stored and can be searched if a breach occurs.

Long range benefits

FaceSentinel LR extends the device’s near infrared capabilities to deliver a wider range of distances, making it suitable for applications such as queue management, surveillance and VIP identification. The imaging and illumination technology takes advantage of Aurora’s Deep Learning-based facial recognition engines to enhance reliability in a variety of conditions.

FaceSentinel LR uses high speed shutter technology and a high brightness near IR ceramic flash to deliver a series of high dynamic range still images to the facial recognition engine. Dynamic image analysis enables adjustment of illumination to optimise the clarity of a subject’s face in the next frame, repeatable at up to 40fps.