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VIVOTEK announces new leadership

by Benchmark

VIVOTEK has held its 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting and elected a new Board of Directors. The nine Directors are Bill Lo, Simon Chang, Judy Wang, Zoe Cherng, Owen Chen, Eddy Lan, Ji-Ren Lee, Sin-Hui Yen and Chung-Yang (Ric) Huang. Three of those elected: Ji-Ren Lee, Sin-Hui Yen and Chung-Yang (Ric) Huang are independent directors.

VIVOTEK also held the first meeting of the Board of Directors. The board elected Bill Lo, the General Manager of Delta Building Automation Business Group, as VIVOTEK’s new Chairman. The VIVOTEK operation team includes Chairman Bill Lo; President Alex Liao; Executive Vice President of Brand Business Group William Ku and Executive Vice President of ODM Business Group Gordon Chen. The new team will carry out leadership of VIVOTEK while enhancing corporate governance and achieving long-term sustainability for the company.

The former Chairman, Owen Chen, founded VIVOTEK in 2000, building on his experience in telecommunication research and development. Under Chen’s leadership, VIVOTEK moved from technology licensing to the development of IP surveillance systems and focused on three core technologies: video, voice and communication. Chen insisted that research, development, design and manufacture all take place in Taiwan, and developed practices of Own Brand Manufacture (OBM) and Own Design Manufacture (ODM) from the outset.

Under his leadership, VIVOTEK held its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, expanded its global footprint into over 116 countries and established branch offices in 6 countries. VIVOTEK has grown into a global company of 1,000 employees, and has ranked as Taiwan’s top IP surveillance company.

Chen stated, ‘To overcome existing challenges, passing on the torch to reshape VIVOTEK is imperative. Facing the fierce competition of globalisation, the company decided to partner with Delta Electronics in 2017. Combining our strengths, VIVOTEK is able to advance development in technology, channel penetration and operation efficiency. I will remain on VIVOTEK’s board of directors. In this way we can retain and continue to build a sustainable business.’

Bill Lo, the new Chairman of VIVOTEK, serves as the General Manager of the Building Automation Business Group at Delta Electronics. Before joining Delta Electronics in 2017, he worked at IBM with proven track records in international business development, customer service and coordination capability.

Lo stated, ‘I’m very proud to serve in my new position as Chairman of VIVOTEK. Security and video surveillance are such critical aspects of building automation as they go beyond and extend diverse applications in smart cities, smart retail and smart transportation. I will work side by side with VIVOTEK’s team; together we can maximise and synergise our two companies.’

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