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Digital Barriers SmartVis Face

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Body-worn cameras are increasingly being used in a wide range of applications, and economies of scale for the devices – and the infrastructure that supports them – will further drive growth in this sector. In order to manage data collected by these devices, a number of challenges must be met. For this purpose, Digital Barriers has developed SmartVis Face.

What is it?

SmartVis Face is a facial recognition system designed to work reliably with body-worn cameras. It can also deliver a high level of accuracy using smartphones and other mobile video devices, meaning that it can be deployed for general security applications as well as law enforcement. Because it can receive video from Android or iOS devices, deployments can include security personnel with hand-held or vehicle-mounted devices.

The technology is ideal for enforcing security watch lists, transactional assurance, retail security and a host of business intelligence tasks.

The technology processes live or recorded video streams to detect faces. Facial recognition identifies any individuals from a ‘watch list’, even in dynamic environments.
Video can either be captured by body-worn cameras, smart devices of static network surveillance cameras.

The analytics use machine learning to improve performance as more data is gathered. The images are then sent to SmartVis Face to search for matches.

How is it hosted?

SmartVis Face is a flexible solution, and can either be installed on servers as a part of the end user’s private network, or the service can be accessed via the cloud.

CloudVis, the cloud provision, incorporates the full features of the SmartVis technology, including facial recognition. The solution can be implemented in any environment monitored by video cameras, often using existing infrastructure.

CloudVis can be integrated into legacy systems using third-party integrations.

Performance improvements and upgrades are included with the cloud service, which incorporates a combination of video analysis technologies. The service is hosted in the Amazon Cloud.

What about bandwidth?

SmartVis Face can be used with EdgeVis, which delivers real-time video streaming over all infrastructure, including wireless networks, using 60 per cent less bandwidth than standard technologies.

EdgeVis can stream video from moving vehicles and remote assets. Developed for military surveillance, EdgeVis uses the patented TVI video codec. TVI dynamically adjusts both the frame-rate and bit-rate of a video stream.

When streaming over low bandwidth links, TVI uses edge-based recordings, making it possible to retrieve the original high quality imagery as provided by the camera when required.

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