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Integrated Security Control and Monitoring

by Benchmark

The innovative IDIS HDMI/VGA Video Encoder (HE-1101) allows operators to view and control multiple applications from a single monitor by simply connecting hardware that has a VGA or HDMI output. The output is displayed and recorded as a camera, with remote mouse and keyboard control of integrated applications, delivering increased security control and optimal monitoring.

Cost-effective, the IDIS HE-1101 allows operators to manage and view applications including video streams from both IDIS and third party cameras and NVRs, access control, building management, intruder detection, fire sensing and point of sale (PoS) systems from a single user interface. The interface can be the licence-free IDIS Center VMS or the advanced and modular enterprise-level IDIS Solution Suite.

Cost-effective Integration

The encoder eliminates the need for expensive and complex integration and the interface updates often associated with security management systems, which benefits both installers through fast, simple implementation and maintenance, while ensuring IDIS’s signature low total cost of ownership for end users.

Reduced Risk

When a security situation or threat occurs, it can be resolved accurately and efficiently, saving limited resources by quickly aiding in the visual verification of alarms. The HE-1101 effectively closes common security gaps by eliminating the need to switch between disparate applications and monitors.

A Complete Audit Trail

Every action taken by operators across all integrated systems is recorded directly to IDIS NVRs or VMS servers, delivering a complete audit trail of events, ensuring standard operating procedures are followed and giving organisations the comprehensive benefits of enforcing compliance and reducing overall risk.

Suitable for a Range of Applications

The HE-1101 is well suited to small to mid-sized retail organisations to reduce internal shrinkage, fraudulent transactions and provide an excellent investigative and auditing tool. This encoder also delivers cost-effective and efficient centralised security control, delivering on IDIS’s promises of an enhanced user experience and a low total cost of ownership.

For more information, visit the IDIS website.