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Integrating Diverse Solutions

by Benchmark

The growth in demand from end users for an enhanced return on security investments has seen the importance of added value benefits such as building management, business intelligence and the management of peripheral systems become of greater importance for many integrators and installers. The challenge can be bringing diverse systems together to act as a single unified solution.

Businesses and organisations are increasingly seeking a quantifiable return on investment when implementing technology-based solutions. The driving force behind this is ensuring everyday efficiencies are being achieved for any given processes and procedures.

For integrators, the delivery of solutions is no longer limited to the provision of security for assets, personnel and premises. Whilst this remains as a core element, end users are demanding added value from their systems.

While security is vital, it remains a secondary concern for most businesses. Their core processes and procedures are what makes them profitable, and as such it goes without saying that any system which can either help deliver efficiencies in the core business, or which can remove problems that use vital resources, will always be preferable when selecting a solution.

Today’s smarter security systems collect and manage a huge amount of data which can be of value to a user. Where security systems excel over many building management or smart systems is that they’ve been designed to be intrinsically secure. Security systems are robust, resilient, efficient and proven in the field. As such, they are ideal for adding value when dealing with other business tasks.

Where integrators face a challenge is when integrating a security solution with other building management elements such as HVAC, energy management, device switching, maintenance, audit creation, etc..

A solution exists in technology-agnostic management software which seamlessly integrates advanced security systems with protocols and services used in other sectors.

A simpler integration

All businesses want to be more efficient, and as a result, end users are more willing to invest in smart solutions which help to achieve this. If the security system adds important business functions such as monitoring fridges and freezers, managing energy consumption, controlling production lines, monitoring traffic flow in a logistics depot or applying safety compliance to hazardous processes, the user will be more willing to invest. This is because they see tangible benefits which can be exploited on a day-to-day basis.

Modern smart security systems can manage all these tasks and more. To ensure the various sub-systems integrate seamlessly, an API-based technology-agnostic solution is required, such as COSMO PSIM+.

COSMO PSIM+ has been designed to deliver performance in applications where buildings are smart and connected. Because a wide range of systems need to be managed as a single unified system, COSMO supports security disciplines (video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection) as well as fire, safety, environmental control, building management, energy control, parking and traffic supervision, automation and remote maintenance. It can also manage peripheral devices such as digital signage, gates and barriers, voice evac systems, etc..

COSMO PSIM+ enables integrators to provide a seamless and logical solution which delivers security and also provides efficiencies, regardless of the problems the end user faces.

COVID-Secure Applications

The current challenges thrown up by the COVID-19 pandemic have placed a burden on many businesses and organisations. The requirements demand processes and procedures are put in place which can help ensure safety for personnel, visitors and contractors when at a site. This introduces a need for systems to be able to manage occupancy levels in specific areas, control the flow of people, and detect anomalies such as people not wearing masks or congregating in groups.

Many access control systems can be used to manage occupancy and flow, restricting certain doors to be either entry or exit only, and refusing access to areas where occupancy levels are high. Many systems can also grant access on a ‘one in, one out’ basis, and will generate reports for Contact Tracing.

Video systems can also be upgraded to provide analytics which identify crowded areas, high levels of footfall, and will detect individuals not wearing masks or not socially distancing.

COSMO PSIM+ can bring together the various subsystems, allowing an operator to have a real-time overview of the status of a site, or specific areas within the site. Through advanced integrations, COSMO PSIM+ enables the creation of a solution which not only helps ensure premises remain COVID-Secure, but also provides evidence of compliance with the regulations.


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