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Magos Systems announces Blue Force GPS

by Geny Caloisi

Radar detection technology specialist Magos Systems is introducing new features to reduce false alarms at the perimeter and help streamline security operations at various sites. With Blue Force GPS and speed and direction-based filtering, the Magos perimeter detection solution provides facilities with enhanced situational awareness. It reduces nuisance alarms that distract operators from responding to actual events.

Blue Force tracking leverages GPS technology to recognise authorised personnel as “friendly forces” when the Magos radar detects their presence. This feature is particularly useful for facilities requiring security staff to patrol the premises regularly. Using a dedicated application installed on the mobile device carried by security personnel or contractors, the Magos MASS+AI management software correlates GPS data from the device with radar detection data and signals to security system operators that the person is not a threat. “Friendly” status can easily be added or revoked in the MASS+AI software or an organization’s integrated video management software platform.

“Radar technology is providing growing value to security operations. It can provide intelligence about an incoming threat – friendly, human, vehicle or wildlife – and operational data such as speed and direction,” said Amit Isseroff, vice president R&D, Magos Systems. “The Magos solution provides this additional awareness and reduces nuisance alarms by intelligently filtering incoming alerts, all in a more cost-effective way than video analytics or other solutions.”

Direction-based filtering can trigger an alert on a vehicle travelling in the wrong direction in the outbound lane or the presence of a target crossing the road towards the fence. Once the MASS software generates an alert, the alarm is propagated to the integrated video, access control or other management software to notify security personnel and trigger the appropriate response.


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