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Making video management systems intelligent

by Benchmark

In order to guarantee a maximum level of security as well as a limitation of potential violations, simple surveillance via video cameras often proves to be insufficient. Without receiving alarm notifications, the operator is only able to review the cause of an incident or retrospectively track an offender when viewing recorded video material. To ensure that an incident does not occur in the first place, IPS Intelligent Video Analytics offers a variety of video analytics which support security operators in interpreting situations quickly, recognising potential threats in real-time and identifying risks and danger before it is too late.

IPS Loitering Detection – Ultimate protection of sensitive areas

The intelligent video analysis IPS Loitering Detection, for example, is ideal for an effective support of security staff. The analytics module detects if a person or group of people dwell in a certain area or at the same spot for a predefined time. By setting the alarm zone and the dwell time, an alarm is generated as soon as the time limit is exceeded. This alerts the security staff and draws their attention to a potential incident before it takes place.

With the recently released version 9.0, IPS Loitering Detection has received a massive extension and is now equipped with a substantially longer adjustable alarm trigger time. This is very helpful, for example, for the surveillance of cash machines, in order to detect persons dwelling at this spot for an unusually long time.

The IPS Loitering Detection module is flexible and can be deployed in indoor and outdoor applications, either camera-based or server-based. It provides perimeter, site and intrusion protection of sensitive areas by reliably monitoring open areas, fences, train stations, industrial plants and buildings. Numerous critical infrastructures such as prisons throughout Europe already rely on this IPS solution.

IPS Public Transport Protection – Track and safety strip surveillance

Another example is the highly sophisticated IPS Public Transport Protection module with real-time alerts in case of potential emergencies in railway installations. It recognises people and trains, determines the presence and behaviour of people on the platform and identifies exposed people on the track.

With the software version 9.0, the module Public Transport has been complemented by an additional surveillance zone: the module also detects if people linger near the safety strip on train platforms. The installation and configuration of the module is straightforward and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

All IPS Video Analytics have a graphical user interface which allows intuitive setting of the individual analytics modules. In order to guarantee a precise and reliable detection, various parameters have to be set in individual steps. The definition of the object size ensures that only persons are detected as potential alarm objects. Furthermore, the use of numerous filters enables a reliable detection and ensures that adverse weather conditions such as fog or snow do not jeopardise the detection result.

IPS AnalyticsManager – Easy integration

To make these intelligent functions available to any video surveillance system, IPS developed the IPS AnalyticsManager. This web-based platform offers a centralised management and simple integration of a wide range of video analytics modules to existing infrastructures, combined with a high level of compatibility and ease of use.

With a zero integration interface, the IPS AnalyticsManager provides a standardised video stream with overlaid metadata for display in any third party VMS. With highly intuitive web tools, the AnalyticsManager gives the end user the ability to easily configure and operate the analytics with just a few mouse clicks and without any requirement for deeper technical knowledge.

Currently, IPS offers eight different server-based video analytics modules on the IPS AnalyticsManager platform, including Motion, Intrusion, Loitering, Public Transport, Privacy, Sabotage and Tamper Detection.

To find out more about the IPS VideoAnalytics and the IPS AnalyticsManager, please visit the IPS website.

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