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BCDVideo Apollo Series Sets a New Standard

by Benchmark

The BCDVideo Apollo Series, powered by Dell EMC, brings unrivalled data protection to the video surveillance landscape. Not only does the Apollo Series offer security integrators the purpose-built high-performance they expect from BCDVideo, but its Keep Your Hard Drive warranty gives end users complete control over their data.

All BCDVideo Apollo Series products come standard with a five-year, worldwide on-site Keep Your Hard Drive warranty. Granting the ability to retain failed drives providing maximum data control: security and disposal options are the new standard.

This is especially prevalent when considering the forthcoming GDPR directive. As privacy laws become more defined, having complete control over data prevents potential civil and corporate liability.

BCDVideo’s new warranty standard on the Apollo Series allows users to decide when and how to dispose of valuable data – safeguarding intellectual property while maintaining compliance with various regulations.

Benefits of iDRAC & Keep Your Hard Drive Warranty

The Apollo Series includes iDRAC Enterprise and a Keep Your Hard Drive warranty giving customers – from small businesses to large agencies – complete control over their data and hard drive disposal.

Sensitive data and hard drives never have to leave the users’ control. Retaining physical possession of a failed hard drive is an effective way to help ensure the security of classified, proprietary or sensitive data. Tracking failed hard drives in-transit becomes a non-issue.

This helps companies comply with current data privacy regulations and internal company policies by ensuring sensitive information on hard drives is not compromised.

Proper control/disposition of sensitive data can mitigate the risk of expensive civil liability by helping to prevent potential exposure of confidential customer data or intellectual property.

iDRAC Enterprise comes with Dell Lifecycle Controller (LC), providing advanced embedded systems management capabilities including system deployment, configuration, update, maintenance and diagnosis. LC is delivered as part of the iDRAC out-of-band solution and Dell system embedded Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) applications.

iDRAC Enterprise comes standard with performance monitoring, backup and restore configurations, virtual console (up to six users), remote file share and two-factor authentication.

Key Technology Benefits

These new project-specific systems go beyond merely having processors with PassMark ratings benchmarking up to 50% over the industry standard. BCDVideo’s Apollo platform of recording solutions feature the newest-generation Intel processors ranging from the entry-level E3-1200v6 family to the new Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family Platform on our highest performance models.

Moreover, hard drive failure is not acceptable in today’s video surveillance recording environment. Thanks to our technology initiative with Dell EMC, we deliver the Apollo Series exclusively on a Nearline 12G SAS platform.

Unlike SATA drive technology, SAS drives deliver greater data integrity by reducing the potential for data corruption and ensure data is never misdirected. According to Seagate, SAS drives deliver an exceptional Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 1.2 million hours with an Annualised Failure Rate (AFR) of under 0.73.

All told, capacity-optimised 12G SAS drives offer a significant improvement in performance over SATA drives in both throughput and IOPs, primarily due to their full duplex, bi-directional I/O capacities. This bi-directional functionality is key in a video surveillance recording solution.

Discover the BCDVideo Advantage

BCDVideo’s custom-built approach to every storage project is made possible through guaranteed performance calculations. Taking into consideration camera count and model, resolution, retention, compression, VMS and even the recording environment, we design a solution to optimise performance for your project.

With over 75,000 systems currently recording video surveillance in nearly 60 countries around the world, our focus on proactive response and personal service has allowed us to become the most trusted source for security integrators to find innovative, purpose-built IP video storage solutions.

Guaranteed performance, combined with risk insurance, is just another way that the BCDVideo Apollo Series offers everything you need – performance, protection, and reliability – from a manufacturer you can trust.

To learn more about the Apollo Server Series, you can email a Solutions Specialist or call +1 847 205 1922.