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OPTEX, the sensor manufacturer, has launched the VXI-CMOD, a new 180 degree day/night Wi-Fi camera module that can be easily integrated with its outdoor VX Infinity (VXI) sensor to create an App-based visual verification solution.

The VXI series provides highly reliable outdoor detection with a range of up 12 metres and a 90 degree field of view. It is used for both residential and commercial applications, detecting intrusions in courtyards, gardens, driveways and secured car parks. The VXI-CMOD, wi-fi connected camera module can be retro-fitted onto any existing wired VXI models (VXI-ST, AM, DAM), fitting son top, creating a single unit visual verification system that can be added to an existing alarm panel or be used as a standalone solution.

When the sensor detects an intruder, the integrated camera module is activated, recording the event and sending a notification to the owners’ paired mobile phone. The notification is made through an app called OPTEX Vision and the event can be accessed by up to three users simultaneously.

By opening the app, the recipients can access the VXI-CMOD’s live view, and the stored two-second pre-alarm and 28-second post-alarm recording of the event for verification. The camera module’s live view can be accessed anytime through the OPTEX Vision app.

The VXI-CMOD features a 180 degree panoramic view at 1080P HD, with built-in infrared LEDs for enhanced vision at night. VXI-CMOD is also equipped with a microphone. Via the app, the owners can access the camera’s live view and audio at any time. The sensor is pet-tolerant and features sensing analytics to perform in any weather condition, only sending a notification when a person or vehicle has been detected.

Masaya Kida, MD of OPTEX EMEA, stated, ‘This solution helps solve two problems: seeing what or who has triggered the alarm so immediate action can be taken; the second is to be notified only when needed and not receive nuisance alarms. As well as being used for security reasons, the application can be used for everyday convenience, such as being notified when a delivery has arrived, or members of family have returned home.’

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