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VCA Technology has announced the release of VCA Server, an AI-enabled deep learning video analytics software suite which provides a key upgrade to the company’s flagship VCA Core platform. Offering simple integration with VMS and NVR manufacturers’ technologies, the new release ensures that sophisticated analytics can be set-up and installed within as little as 15 minutes, allowing end-users to significantly reduce false alarms with minimal disruption.

Central to VCA Server is its deep learning filter which is pre-calibrated to immediately recognise vehicles and people, delivering an instant analytics application. Its focus on event filtering can, for example, distinguish foliage movement, shadows and changes in weather conditions from suspicious activity, enabling more accurate distinctions between true events and false positives.

This capability makes it ideal for monitoring sterile zones and closed site installations, and managing perimeter protection remotely.

The VCA Core rule and feature sets are available within the new release, and for high density sites, such as airports and retail shopping centres that require a more comprehensive set up, there is still the option to use logical rules alongside the extensive calibration features and the deep learning filter.

VCA Server is compatible with remote and local servers, and can produce basic data or more comprehensive metadata, depending on users’ requirements.

Also available in a rack mounted appliance, VCA Server is suitable for projects from 4 to 64 cameras and is ideal for applications with or without a VMS, where it could be used in conjunction with a local NVR. This provides a cost-effective solution and enables use of deep learning analytics at a lower cost.

The manufacturer states while there is a misconception that AI-based video analytics demands high processing requirements, making it cost prohibitive, the VCA Server is compatible with all IP cameras, as well as the most popular VMS and NVRs, reducing costs and configuration time. AI and deep learning can future-proof solutions by providing users with intelligent and real-time video analytics.

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