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2N intercom wins Red Dot Design Award

by Geny Caloisi

The 2N IP Style, 2N Telekomunikace’s flagship intercom for premium residential projects and office buildings, has won a Red Dot Design Award, one of the most prestigious awards available for product design. The decision was made by a panel of 50 design experts from all over the world who assessed each product individually.

The 2N IP Style incorporates cutting-edge functionality in the form a full HD camera with wide dynamic range (WDR) and revolutionary WaveKey mobile access technology, all supercharged by the AXIS ARTPEC-7 processor, and was also developed to be the most stylish video intercom on the market.

The minimalistic design of the 2N® IP Style is built around two main elements: first, the horizontal bar at the top which shelters ‘invisible’ speakers and the best camera on the intercom market; and second, below it, a thin, 480 cm2 glass touchscreen. The touchscreen is unprecedented in the intercom market both for its size and for being completely without buttons. The glass is also IP65 and IK08 certified for durability and tested to endure heavy rain, a dusty environment or vandalism.

This is the second landmark award win for the 2N IP Style, after the intercom won a CE Pro BEST (Best Electronics Systems Technologies) Award at the CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis. It also follows Red Dot Design Award wins for two previous 2N products, the 2N Helios IP Verso intercom and the 2N Indoor Touch answering unit.
2N’s focus on design starts at the very beginning of the product development process. The company invests 14% of its turnover in R&D, a significantly higher figure than many of the largest technology companies globally, prioritising the combination of design and functionality at every stage.

Michael Nicolson, Business Development Manager for the UK and Ireland at 2N, said: “The Red Dot Awards are the Oscars of the design world so this is a big moment for 2N. We’re particularly proud of it because it reflects far more than just the aesthetics of the 2N IP Style. It’s about high-end functionality coming together with beautiful design in a way that enhances the status of every building on which the intercom is installed. In our industry, that’s the real meaning of innovation.”

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