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Paxton Offers Contactless Options

by Benchmark

The Paxton10 platform can futureproof the security of a building by utilising smart devices with free Bluetooth smart credentials. The launch of single combined platform allows the seamless installation and simple management of access control and video surveillance, including contactless access control, which previously was reliant on a high level of integration.

Adam Stroud, Paxton CEO, points out that access control has a simple job to do: keep unauthorised people out of a building or specific area. He states, ‘The rest of the time, we do not want to notice it. The more convenient we can make passing through an access point whilst maintaining security, the better for the end-user and system managers. This is what makes contactless access control so important, and why it was imperative that we make it simple to achieve with Paxton10.’

The system can utilise Bluetooth smart credentials, allowing authorised persons to pass through an access control point without any contact required. There is very few costs associated with smart credentials, as unlike physical RFID tokens, they are virtual. A Paxton10 administrator can create and issue smart credentials within seconds, with no on-going costs.

The process ensures the security of personal data. While there are some cloud security checks to ensure the smart credentials cannot be cloned or copied, this is done anonymously.

The Paxton Key application hosts the Bluetooth smart credentials for Paxton10. The latest update provides more contactless functionality, including the ability to access a Paxton10 controlled door without removing the smartphone from a pocket. By using contactless identification, businesses and organisations can reduce common touch points.

Paxton Key plays an important tool during the COVID-19 pandemic as it makes the implementation of access control systems simpler for new sites. This allows building managers to benefit from all the advantages an access control system can bring, such as ensuring people stay within their permitted areas, controlling the maximum people density to assist with social distancing, and making sure that only approved people can enter the building.

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