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Taking Control of CPNI Installations

by Benchmark

For those installers contracted to deliver intruder alarm systems for Governmental buildings, national infrastructure sites or other higher risk applications seeking stringent security standards, it is important to specify products which have achieved CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) accreditation.

CPNI produces the Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE), LISTING security products which it identifies as being appropriate for use when designing and implementing solutions to protect national infrastructure. The CSE lists security products which have been evaluated against stringent security standards and achieved a certain performance rating.

Texecom’s Premier Elite 640 and Premier Elite 168 expandable commercial-grade control panels have received CPNI accreditation, and as such as suitable for such applications. To support the use of the control panels, a range of accredited peripherals from Texecom includes keypads, expanders and power supplies.

The Premier Elite 640 and 168 models are Grade 3 intrusion detection control panels, expandable to 640 and 168 zones respectively. The former can support up to 64 areas or groups, making it ideal for larger and complex sites, or applications where specific areas require differing levels of security. The Premier Elite 168 supports up to 16 zones or groups.

The Premier Elite 640 supports up to 1,000 individual user codes, while the Premier Elite 168 can manage up to 200 users. Both panels have a full event log for audit trails and verification of system use, with the 640 storing 5,000 events and the 168 retaining 2,000 events. Entries on the event log and time and date stamped.

To ensure flexibility with regard to communications, the control panels feature plug-on digimodems with comms available over IP, GSM, GPRS and PSTN. The panels also feature switched mode power supplies to offer green efficiency, and are supported with back-up batteries.

Remote diagnostics and upload/download functionality are available via Wintex software or through the secure Texecom Cloud Services. Premier Elite firmware is regularly upgraded to ensure consistent performance and the highest levels of security.


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