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Axis Communications A1001

by Benchmark

The AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller is an open, non-proprietary platform for access management that meets the requirements for advanced enterprise systems as well as smaller installations.

The use of IP, standard IT equipment and the Application Programming Interface (API) makes AXIS A1001 a scalable and future-proof solution that can easily integrate with other systems and components.

The AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller comes with a built-in software for basic access management. It is open for third-party software, allowing the unit to be integrated with solutions provided by Axis partners. The controller is a smart independent device that is installed by each door and data is automatically synchronised between the controllers in the system.

It will continue its normal operation and buffer events locally if there is a network failure.
The AXIS A1001 supports Power over Ethernet, which eliminates the need for separate power cables to door accessories and other proprietary data cables. The controller’s color coded connectors and the configuration wizard enables fail-safe and effective installations.

The controller supports most reader types and is fitted with configurable input/output ports and controllable power outputs for external equipment such as door locks and positioning sensors. Adding new controllers to the system is easy. The door controller, as well as all other equipment, can be reused if a more advanced solution is required.

The controller supports advanced security and network management, including fault/tamper detection. The support for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) enables power to be maintained in the event of a power outage and eliminates the need for battery back-up at each door.

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