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With security teams under pressure to tackle changing risks, and to adapt to new ways of working, being flexible and efficient is more important than ever.

IDIS’s advanced Korean-designed and engineered deep learning video tech can help, taking some of the pressure off control room operators, improving productivity, and ensuring that critical events are never missed.

IDIS Deep Learning Analytics now makes it easier to deal with previously labour-intensive tasks and gives users a powerful range of analytics tools for both video search and live monitoring. These advances improve surveillance operations while improving the efficiency of security and safety teams.

New capabilities

Today, IDIS video surveillance and analytics are helping in healthcare settings, enabling clinicians to review safety standards and improve clinical practice. In the eating-out and retail sectors it’s letting security departments keep outlets secure during periods of enforced closure. For perimeter applications and larger facilities such as schools and universities, IDLA makes it easy for managers and administrators to keep sites secure when resources are remote and over-stretched.

98% accurate

Independently tested to 98% accuracy, IDLA is powered by the third iteration of the IDIS Deep Learning Engine, and provides users with a range of functions including object detection, intrusion detection, loitering detection, plus other useful analytics functions such as metadata filtering.

Because IDLA delivers industry-leading accuracy, operators are not plagued with false positive alerts. This means control room staff can trust notifications and alarms and in turn initiate an appropriate response faster and more confidently whenever an alert is triggered.

All these powerful tools are available through the modular and scalable IDIS Solutions Suite VMS and, for smaller and mid-size enterprises, through a preconfigured, 64-channel plug-and-play AI-in-the-Box appliance.

Cutting investigations times

IDIS Instant Meta Filtering (IMF) and Person Match technology provides a powerful tool for any business, cutting down the time it takes to investigate incidents from hours, or even days, to just minutes.

IMF lets users quickly scan hours of recorded video, from multiple streams, to pinpoint the movements and the last-known locations of persons or vehicles of interest.

Similarly, IDIS Person Match can extract the appearance characteristics of a selected person, allowing it to rapidly search through hours of footage for the most similar matches, from single or multiple video streams. Whether the target is a lost child or a crime suspect, it allows faster searching of video footage, and makes it easy to collate relevant for video clips and images.

With all these smart functions, and impressive accuracy, IDLA represents a step forward for video surveillance users. IDIS has ensured IDLA is affordably solving common challenges for organisations large and small, while strengthening security and safety operations and driving-up efficiencies.


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