Home Innovation Awards 2020 IoT Solutions Runner-up: NVT PHYBRIDGE

IoT Solutions Runner-up: NVT PHYBRIDGE

by Benchmark

The FLEX24 is a managed switch designed for the modernisation to IP devices for IoT solutions. When paired with FLEX Adapters, the enterprise-grade switch delivers fast Ethernet and PoE over multi-pair UTP cable with up to 610 metre reach. The FLEX24 supports power management capabilities and uses a simple GUI interface.

With FLEX24, users can eliminate any need to rip and replace established multi-pair UTP cabling. The switch optimises network design with advanced interoperability and easy integration into the overall LAN.

FLEX24 delivers 10/100Mbps symmetrical (full duplex) and PoE++ (50W) over 4-pair UTP or PoE+ (30W) over 2-pair UTP. It is designed to support IP endpoints with bandwidth to spare, resulting in no speed degradation with longer distances.

FLEX24 can either operate functioning as a bridge, allowing for plug-and-play deployment, or as a fully managed switch with features including power management by port, port MAC locking and an intuitive Web-based GUI for switch management.


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