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Adding Value to Alarm Systems

by Benchmark

Enhancing Detection with Visual Verification

Intruder detection remains the cornerstone of security for the vast majority of businesses and organisations, and has a proven track record when it comes to the protection of property and assets. However, the thorny issue of nuisance alarms remains a problem for many sites. In order to deliver more effective protection, and to preserve police first response, a growing number of sites are turning to visual verification to improve accuracy.


A Smarter Approach to Intruder Detection

While intruder detection offers a high level of security for businesses and organisations, nuisance activations still remain an issue. End users are increasingly looking to enhance the performance of their solutions, and with alarms this includes visual verification. This can be achieved with any professional alarm system by adding the OPTEX Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution.


Enhanced Intelligence with Visual Verification

When considering the deployment of intruder detection systems, often the capabilities of current technology are overlooked, with an attitude which tends to oversimplify what the systems can offer. However, the introduction of video verification not only enhances the available protection, but elevates what were previously ‘reactive’ systems to ones which are proactive.



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