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The video surveillance sector is seeing a trend towards lower capacity NVRs which can be deployed as edge devices or as modular camera hubs in larger systems. Obviously, they also offer a standalone option where lower camera counts exist. The DR-1204P from IDIS offers a dual approach for installers and integrators.

What is it?

The DR-1204P is a four channel network video recorder that supports video resolutions of up to five megapixels and is claimed to support retention of up to one month’s video footage. The NVR utilises the IDIS Intelligent Codec, delivering savings on bandwidth use and storage when used with Motion Adaptive Transmission (MAT) when the viewed scene typically contains little or no motion during out-of-hours periods.

The NVR makes use of the DirectIP platform which allows plug-and-play installation, which cuts down required time on site while also reducing the need for training.

The DR-1204P Full HD recorder is suited for small and medium-sized applications and can be located on a desktop due to its small form factor and low-noise operation.

Along with a compact and sleek design, it offers monitoring with a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras to cover a range of applications.

Is it scalable?

IDIS has considered the potential for the DR-1204P as an edge or modular unit, and as such its scalability means installers or integrators can add more devices to create more complex solutions or to meet changing business needs.

The NVR comes with cost-free video management software, IDIS Center, and mobile apps. Because these carry no licensing costs or ongoing service or maintenance fees, a distributed system can be created which attracts a lower total cost of ownership.

Users can manage multiple locations from a single application with IDIS Center’s user-friendly interface. Additional monitoring can be achieved by utilising a live HD view via smartphones or tablets.

Easy to install?

IDIS has considered that for integrators and installers, it’s crucial that smaller projects, such as four camera installations, take a minimal time for installation and configuration to maximise margin. DirectIP’s plug-and-play technology with auto recognition and configuration ensures this.

Equally, for distributed or edge-based applications, IDIS Center ensures that the system remains simple to implement while also being fully scalable.

The DR-1204 supports various configurations of DirectCX and DirectIP technologies, as well as supporting Super Fisheye cameras with dual-side video stream dewarping.

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