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Access Control (Software): Vanderbilt ACT365

by Benchmark

ACT365 is a cloud-based access control solution from Vanderbilt which combines the control of doors at a protected site with video management options via a seamless integration. The ACT365 system was developed as a result of Vanderbilt’s acquisition of ACT Technologies in 2016 and has gone on to form the manufacturer’s cloud-based offering for a wide range of applications.

ACT365’s benefits are based upon the fact that it is hosted in the cloud. As a result, it delivers remote access and direct management for the end user to ensure real-time control of a protected premises.
ACT365 creates a unified integrated system, delivering flexibility and control for business owners whilst also reducing the amount of required infrastructure and resources to protect a site.

For example, by integrating access control and video surveillance, ACT365 allows an authorised person to communicate with a visitor, verify their identity and open the door remotely from a smart phone, if required. If incidents occur at the door, access control events such as Door Forced alarms can be accessed, and the user can quickly locate and review recorded footage.

The more traditional alternative involves management of often disparate security systems and sifting through hours of footage in order to locate the incident.

ACT365 can also be used to verify the identity of cardholders by combining access transactions and video footage. This is useful where revenue-generating resources are available to subscribed members, such as a club or gym. The integrated package can be used to ensure members are not loaning credentials to friends or family members who do not have a valid subscription.

The cloud-based approach differs from traditional security systems as it can be accessed remotely or locally, around-the-clock, from any location so long as the user has the appropriate authority. Additionally, push notifications can be sent to users’ smart phones or tablets.

Use of the cloud allows details and footage of events to be shared across geographically dispersed teams, allowing all relevant persons to have access to real-time data.

The cloud-based architecture also means that end users have control of on-going operational expenses. Reduced liability for technical support, licensing and hardware maintenance are all benefits of a cloud architecture.

ACT365 eliminates the need to invest in a server at each site, and enables management of multiple locations from one single unified interface.

ACT365 is hosted in Microsoft Azure data centres. Installers and integrators can gain system access by invitation from the end user, allowing remote maintenance and diagnostics to be carried out. The dashboard also gives installers and integrators the tools to provide remote support to their customers.

Other benefits include remote access to muster reports, including a real time App which means reports do not have to be printed off, which isn’t always a reality in an emergency situation. As people swipe out at an exit reader they are automatically removed from the report. Alternatively, a secondary reader can be installed at a muster point.

ACT365 not only delivers security, but can also assist with safety and additional business benefits such as time and attendance reporting.

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