Adding ANPR

ANPR is a beneficial technology which is too often overlooked when designing systems for private sector commercial and industrial sites. Often considered the exclusive preserve of law enforcement and Government agencies, ANPR technology can add much...

VMS Buyers’ Guide

In recent years, the arguments for switching from predominantly hardware-based NVRs to the more flexible VMS solutions have increased exponentially. Given the range of benefits on offer, coupled with ease of integration and the ability to create...

Attack of the Clones

PROMOTIONAL ARTICLE Around 90 per cent of all access control cards in use today are easily copied and cloned, with devices that are able to carry out this activity easily available on the internet. Andrew Fulton, Vanderbilt’s access control product...

ISM Genesys Enterprise ISMS

For many years the arguments for wider adoption of PSIM have divided opinion in the security market. Some see it as a system that brings together fragmented sub-systems, while others take the view it is a solution looking for a problem. ISM has...

Comment: Beware of GDPR misinformation

The implementation of GDPR, due in May 2018, will have an impact on a wide range of businesses and organisations. It will also affect the security sector, and as a result the industry has to be ready for the ramifications of the new regulation....

Wisenet AID shortlisted for award

The Wisenet AID (automatic incident detection) solution, which has been developed byHanwha Techwin and analytics specialist Sprinx Technologies, has been shortlisted for an Intertraffic Amsterdam Innovation Award. Wisenet AID is one of three...

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